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KnokiiSync - Nokia Address Book Sync for KDE3.1

What is KnokiiSync?
Item Updated Mon May 16 12:34:55 GMT 2003

The One And Only Truth:
KnokiiSync is a program that tries (honest!) to sync a compatible Nokia mobile phone with KDE's Address Book.
My definition of compatible is:

"Nokia 6310i".

It may look rather limited at first sight, but actually, many (Nokia) phones are compatible with this one, including the 6210, the original 6310, the 6510 and propably the 7110. Other phones may explode leaving a slightly green smoke of envy in their wake, but hey, that's life. Basically, if your phone is supported by the nk6500 driver of gnokii, you're full of luck. Otherwise, the future (may) hold wonderful news for you.

Also, please check the project's homepage on

KnokiiSync Features:
Item Added Tue May 13 22:27:58 GMT 2003
1) Intuitive Interface: KnokiiSync has a simple (no frills) and intuitive interface, that will get you started in a snap.
2) Phones: KnokiiSync supports all the phone entries supported by the nk6500 driver, including general home, cellular, work and fax. It also recognises the "preferred" number, as set in a contact.
3) Agenda: KnokiiSync's political agenda includes world domination, and after that, syncing a contact's email, home page address, postal address, as well as notes for the said contact.
4) Plenty of configuration options This is where you should be jumping with joy, but the painful truth is that only hardcore people like that many options! But then again, you're propably running linux :o)
5) Want more? Then wait! In the future, KnokiiSync will have more features like, proper syncing, and propably a few more bits. SMS storing, as well as todo-dates-etc come to mind.
6) Various other nice little features that are missing, a fact which you can only discover by downloading and testing KnokiiSync!

That Weird KnokiiSync license
What the heck is this license?
You can use KnokiiSync under one very simple term: That you fully accept the terms and conditions of the bizarre license agreement known as GPL. This is an evil license designed to give you more rights, rather than to take away the ones you have, so, as it is inherently evil, I really like it >:=)
So yes, KnokiiSync comes under the terms and conditions of the GPL license. Satisfied now? Then stop grouching already :o)


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